Windows Client Only Access

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To avoid browser/mobile clients to access the MyPass solution, the client can be setup to limit access to the site. This feature is normally used to limit the access to the MyPass Client when accessing the solution from the Internet. NOTE: This behavior is not yet implemented in Version 3.6, but is however expected to be available soon. To limit the access, add the following REG_SZ value to the registry:

  • HKLM\Software\FastPassCorp\Password Manager\SelfServiceClientRestrictionClientType
  • Value data: WindowsClient;Browser;MobileClient

The above value data will restrict all clients. When setting this value, the Client restricts access for all other clients than the one mentioned. E.g. Setting the value to Windows Client will only permit Windows Client to access the website. When set the feature will send a 404-httpstatus code to all other clients. Furthermore, it is possible to limit access to the client by domain. This feature only targets the Windows Client–pre-req. The SelfServiceClientRestrictionClienType setting must be set to WindowsClient.

Limiting by domain is done by simply adding the REG_SZ value:

  • HKLM\Software\FastPassCorp\Password Manager\SelfServiceClientRestrictionClientDomain
  • The NetBIOSname of the domain can be set easily and multiple can be added by separating through; DomainA;domainB
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Windows Client Only Access

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