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This section describes how to change the settings for the different logs. This will affect the numbers of logs on the PC, the size, the level of logging and where to place the log files. This can be configured to limit and location the log data on the PC overall. To enforce custom settings, the XML files will need to either be overwritten post-install or replaced in the msi package. By default, the logon and Com Components, logs in the System TEMP folder – usually c:\windows\temp\. The log file for the EEC client is placed in the user’s TEMP folder.

Customizing log settings for the logon component

The log settings can be customized in the following file: PMWindowsClient.log4cpp.config and can be found at: FastPassCorp\Configuration\PMWindowsClient

How the files look like by default

log4cpp.rootCategory=All, fileLog
log4cpp.appender.fileLog.maxDaysKeep=7 log4cpp.appender.fileLog.fileName=PMWindowsClientKiosk.log
log4cpp.appender.fileLog.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S.%l} [%-10u] [%-8t] [%-12p] %m%n

Setting the Log File level

MyPass Windows Client has various different loglevels that can be set.

log4cpp.rootCategory=VERBOSE, fileLog

Valid log levels are:

  • INFO

Note: The valid log levels are Case Sensitive

Setting the Log File path for the pmwindowsclientkiosk.log

MyPass Windows Client log can be configured to log in another place default.log4cpp.appender.fileLog.fileName=PMWindowsClientKiosk.log. By default, this is placed in the executing users temp folder, usually c:\Windows\Temp. By changing the log4cpp.appender.fileLog.file Name attributes can be pointed to any folder. When changing the default location, some considerations should be taken into account. If any end-users are to run RDP client, this client will by default be in in the end-users context. If the end-user is not allowed to write a log file, the client will fail – hence will RDP. This means and the file needs to be writable by all users using the machine.

Setting the Log File number of days

MyPass Windows Client now, has a new way to keep logs on the PC’s. By default, the MyPass Windows Client will keep logs for 7 days. The settings are: log4cpp.appender.fileLog.maxDaysKeep=7 describes how many days the log should be stored for.

Customizing log settings for the enrolment enforcement client

The MyPass Windows Client is installed on the PC. The user will be met with a popup that informs the user to enroll in MyPass Password Manager. The login can be customized.

The log settings can be customized in the following file:

PMWindowsClient.log4cpp.config, and can be found at: FastPassCorp\Configuration\PMEnrollmentEnforcementClient

MyPass Windows Client EEC has a various selection of different log levels that can be set

<level value="INFO" />

Valid log levels are:

  • OFF
  • WARN
  • INFO
  • FINE
  • ALL
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Log Settings

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