Functional Description

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The Windows Client will be displayed after installation on the login window. The design can be customized to a large extent, explained later in this document. When clicked, the Windows Client can probe all server sites to determine what MyPass Server to connect to. After probing, a “locked down” browser is started. The Browser is compiled and controlled by MyPass Windows Client. The Browser is, by default, only allowed to: Contact the MyPass Client, contact specific URL’s & lastly allow certain file extensions and operations. After securing a successful connection to the server, the browser will allow the user to commence with operations in MyPass. After finishing the operations, the interface is shut down and the user can use the Windows login interface again.

With regards to Windows 7, the user should already be connected through either wired networks or fixed Wi-Fi. In Windows 10 the end-user will have the ability to use the Windows 10 build in feature to connect to a Wi-Fi___33 at the login page.

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Functional Description

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