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Users only require a web browser to access MyPass whether on the corporate intranet or just across the internet. Even from a Windows PC and the log-in screen users can benefit from MyPass from a locked PC. Success with self-service requires a clear plan for implementation. MyPass Best Practices help customers reach 80-95% self-service success. Read up on a customer success story from one of our leading industrial manufacturing customers that drove down costs and saw an 83% adoption rate over 6 months. The best practices focus on enrollment, access, flexibility, individual authentication and user-friendly assistance.


Now more than ever companies understand the cost of data breaches. According to research 63% of data breaches are caused by some kind of password issues. Compliance and security requires a combination of secure self-service and a secure process for the assisted password reset.

MyPass helps reduce the workload in the Helpdesk, increase end-user productivity and strengthen security. A Password Management solution from MyPass will save you both time and money and at the same time increase end-user productivity & enhance service to a 24/7/365 password self-service. MyPass also strengthens security through a secure password reset process and enable stronger password policies to be enforced with no additional support cost in the Helpdesk.
For Executives:
  • Reduce helpdesk costs & increase employee productivity
  • Avoid data breaches and related costs
  • Leverage past investments in Windows Server and Active Directory
  • Typically, ROI within 3-6 months
For helpdesk managers:
  • Remove 20-50% of calls to helpdesk
  • Enhanced logging and reporting
  • Significantly reduce total cost per forgotten password
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Easy implementation
  • Best practices guidelines
For compliance and IT-security managers:
  • Reduce risk for data breaches
  • Make and monitor a compliant manual process
  • Implement strong password policies with user acceptance
  • Keep cost of compliance and security down
For employees:
  • Extremely fast solution to a forgotten password situation
  • Access to systems 24/7/365
  • No need to involve other people (helpdesk, colleagues etc.)
  • No barrier to comply with strict password security policies
  • Simple to use
Integration Steps
Integration Steps

Password Manager supports easy integration into multiple Microsoft Active Directories from a


The interceptor installs a hook into the domain controller so every Password

Registry Values
Registry Values

There are a few new enhancements for MyPass Password Sync Interceptor. The

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