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The MyPass Password and Identity Verification Cloud has a simple and straightforward pricing structure that allows for flexible and transparent cost management and includes the following services:

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Password Manager
MyPass PM offers users the ability to self-service manage their passwords, while providing helpdesk agents simple tools to assist users with any exception.
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Identity Verification Manager
MyPass IVM guides the entire verification process, instructing the helpdesk agent to take the user through a dynamic and secure verification process.
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Password Synchronization
MyPass Password Sync offers users a method of capturing password their changes and synchronizing these changes across you systems.

Pricing Structure:

Three main components have an impact on the price of the deployment and operation, these include:

  • Deployment
  • Ongoing subscription and support
  • SMS notification charges.

For more on how MyPass Suite is priced, follow the link below.

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MyPass Cloud

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