Credential Governance and Risk Management

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Many organizations struggle to maintain the control, visibility and auditing of user password reset patterns across multiple systems, users, and helpdesks. The complexity of the modern IT environment and the multiple silos that exist across various systems further exacerbate the difficulty in effectively managing and auditing password reset activity.

MyPass Password Manager significantly improves password management governance by:

  • Centralizing the process of password reset activity in one single control point; and
  • Logging every action – both the user’s and helpdesk agent’s – for auditing purposes.
  • Your eyes only” user interactions with the company / outsourced helpdesk.

The helpdesk does not have access to a user password – even when they assist a user with a password reset. This leaves all password accountability with the user and removes security concerns at the helpdesk.

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Credential Governance and Risk Management

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