MyPass Architecture

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MyPass Password Manager Architecture

MyPass Password Manager allows for easy integration into multiple Microsoft Active Directories through one single implementation. The following illustration describes and demonstrates the architecture of MyPass Password Manager. From a user’s perspective, MyPass should be available at any time the user needs to make use of their credentials. MyPass has delivered a client that enables the user to access MyPass even when the user can’t login via the Windows Login prompt. Basically, Password Manager is offering a web-based self-service offering to maintain passwords in the enterprise.

Component Description
Backend Server
Implement the control of all end-user transactions, communication to the Gateway Server, scheduled discovery of users in the domain infrastructure, control and coordination of password synchronizations, invitations of users etc.
Client Server
Implements the Web-interface for the end-users and communicates with the Backend Server.
Gateway Server
Implements access to the domain infrastructure and other Password Sync target systems.

All three main components are already installed by default on the Password Manager Server and directly configured to operate together. A full implementation can be built on additional Client Servers and Gateway Servers.

MyPass With a Gateway

MyPass deployment with indirect connectivity via a MyPass Gateway into your corporate network.

Pro's Con's
Single point of entry into the company network
Server maintenance and patching is needed on the gateway
All platform instructions make use of
a single secure gateway tunnel
Gateway server downtime affects all integrated systems
Additional integrated systems can make use of
native protocols and still communicate securely
over the gateway tunnel
SMTP forwarding capabilities using the secure gateway tunnel

MyPass Without a Gateway

MyPass deployment with direct connectivity into your corporate network

The MyPass Password Manager Server is built off of multiple sub-components. Each sub-component offers its own set of functions contributing to the entire solution itself.

Pro's Con's
No gateway server hardware
Relies on additional integration systems
to support 443 TLS
No gateway server maintenance
Multiple points of entry into the company
network when integrating more systems
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MyPass Architecture

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