Identity Verification

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MyPass Identity Verification Manager (IVM) combats identity fraud via voice-based attacks called (vishing) with dynamic and intuitive on-screen steps for Helpdesk Agents to follow when dealing with end-user verification. IVM controls the entire verification process, instructing the service desk agent what questions and tests to ask their users based on their security profile. If you want to remove human error out of identity verification solutions, you must have an IT workflow controlling the agent. The process must be designed according to security specifications from IT security. With this being said, MyPass implemented different processes for user groups with different security profiles. These different tests according to different groups must include many different items such as, data, tokens, and even manager approval, where needed.

Dynamic & Static Verification Process


To achieve rapid results, IVM is delivered with templates that can be used as basic verification processes immediately. They correspond to a simple process level, an average process level, and a heavily secure process level to protect its end-users from a wide range of identity fraud. The templates can then gradually be altered, or new ones can be added, as the helpdesk and IT security agree that adjustments need to be made. This means that IVM can be installed and implemented in no time at all.


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Identity Verification

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