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This tab allows the Helpdesk Agent to view critical information about the user they’re assisting. This information can be used to further validate the identity of the end-users with some static data. 

The following sub-tabs provide additional user information:

The following tabs are all sub-tabs under “User Details”.

1. Status Information:

MyPass platform account status details. This can indicate to the Helpdesk Agent whether the end-user has enrolled or not.

2. Account Information:

The Account tab displays critical information such as last login, bad password time, password change permissions and many more. Information like this can indicate to the Helpdesk Agent whether any suspicious behavior was recorded on the account recently.

3. Organization Information:

The Organization tab displays additional information about the user’s reporting manager, department, address and more. Details like this can also be used by the Helpdesk Agents to verify who they are speaking to over the phone.

4. Contact Information:

The Contact tab displays information such as the user’s email address, phone numbers and many more. Account contact details are used to send secure information to an end-user once they have been successfully assisted, whether it be an auto-generated temporary password or Helpdesk PIN.

5. Group Information:

The Group tab displays the user’s group memberships in Active Directory.

6. Linked Accounts:

The Linked Accounts tab displays other accounts that are linked to the users Active Directory account. These additional systems can benefit from the MyPass password sync feature to streamline a single password across multiple systems and accounts. 

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