Using the Helpdesk Client

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The Helpdesk module is a beneficial add-on to the MyPass Self-Service module, this Helpdesk module will be used by Helpdesk personnel to assist any users with Self-Service enrollment issues. Helpdesk Agents will perform identity verification before assisting any users with issues such as e.g. If a user has forgotten their password before enrolling into the Self-Service module. The Helpdesk Client can be accessed by opening the URL in the following format: https://TENANTNAME/FastPassHelpDeskClient

TENANTNAME – This portion of the URL is dependent on your company name.

We have created the following quick-links/short-links to this module. See which one will works best for you. 

Helpdesk quick-links:

After directing to the relevant Helpdesk module URL, The Helpdesk Portal will prompt the Helpdesk Agent for their account details on the following screen.