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MyPass comes with two examples for the integration. These are located in: \FastPassCorp\FastPassGateway\bin\ConnectorOracle\

  • FPC_PasswordReset_ForDatabaseUsers.sql: This procedure (FPC_PasswordReset_ForDatabaseUsers) can be used out of the box to reset password on Oracle native users (The privileged user account must have Alter User Rights).
  • FPC_PasswordReset_ForTableUsers.sql: Holds an example on handling passwords when they are stored in a table. The example creates a small example table and installs procedure FPC_PasswordReset_TableUser
  • FPC_PasswordReset_EBSUser.sql: This procedure must be used for Oracle E-Business Suite integration

To install the stored procedure, you can use either Application Express SQL Workshop, SQL Developer tools or the command line.

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