Production Considerations

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The FastPass Connector for MSSQL is tested against MSSQL versions from 2005 and newer and with many different encodings and languages activated and is known to be stable and high performing.

By following the instructions in this document for setting up targets the connector will be working and “User Repositories” can be defined in the Password Manager Administration Client so that password synchronization can start flowing. When creating a User Repository in the Administration Client and configuring this as synchronization target a default mapping from the source User Repository (typically an AD representation) is automatically made.

This default user mapping will cause that whenever a password synchronization request is received a synchronization transaction for this target will also be created with the same username as in the incoming synchronization request. If the user exist on the target system the password for the user will be reset but if not the Stored Procedure delivered together with the connector will return a specific error code (2) telling the Password Sync Server that the synchronization transaction shall be aborted. If users shall have other mapping from source to target the default map shall be disabled and specific maps shall be created.

The connector logs operations to a log file. The location of the log is <installdir>\FastPassCorp\logs\ Gateway-UserRepository-MSSQL.log and the LogLevel is by default “Debug” but can be customized from the registry.

Logging will newer contain passwords or other sensitive information.

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Production Considerations

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