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As briefly described above the MyPass Connector for MSSQL connects to the SQL Server systems using standard MSSQL connections strings meaning that it is expected to support any of the communication methods supported by MSSQL. FastPass is however only tested for TCP communication and this guide only describes the needed configuration for this to be working.

Parameter – Description
Hostname – A fully qualified hostname, a hostname or an IP address.
Port – The Port that the server is listening on for the specified instance.
Instance – The instance that shall be connected to.
Database – The Database in which the Stored Procedure is implemented.
Stored Procedure – The name of the Stored Procedure to be called.
Account – The name for the account with privileges to execute “alter login …” commands.
Password – The password for the account specified.
Encryption – Boolean value which decides whether or not encryption shall be used. Encryption requires extra configuration on the server. See for details.

The various parameters are not actually used by the Connector but are just used to construct a valid formatted MSSQL Connection String and the Administration Client interface allows the administrator to customize the Connection String beyond the rules of the listed parameters. All parameters are stored in the Password Manager Data Storage (ADAM) and sensitive information like account; password and the Connection String are stored with strong encryption.

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