Parameters & Operation

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When defining, the connector following settings are available:

Check Connection: This value defines the path to the Check Connection script on the remote server

Check Password: (Net used for standard implementations) Should be set to the same path as the Check Connection path

Reset Password: This value defined the path to the Reset Password script on the remote server

InstanceID: (Optional) This value will be sent as a parameter to the scripts and can be used to determine which user repository is executing the connector. Use this when having multiple SSH connectors connecting to the same script.

Working directory: The working directory for the executable.

Admin Account: If specified this value will be sent to the executable as a parameter.

Admin Password: The password for the above account.

Method: This value determines how MyPass will transfer the password to the remote script.

The following options are available:

  • None – the password is passed in clear text (Not recommended)
  • Base64 – the password is encoded in base64
  • Custom – MyPass offers the ability to build your own encryption algorithm. Please contact support for details regarding this or look at the API Integration and implementation guide.

Assembly path: Path to the encryption DLL – Used when Custom Encryption is chosen.

Class Name: Class name – Used when Custom Encryption is chosen.

Username Manipulation: (Optional) Tells if MyPass should upper or lowercase the username before sending it to the connector.

Password Manipulation:(Optional) Tells if MyPass should upper or lowercase the password before sending it to the connector.

Unlock After Reset: (Optional)Not used in the current version.

Mode: These Impersonation settings control which user is creating. This can be used to limit the access to a client certificate when using certificates.

Possible values are:

  • None
  • Impersonate as FPIIS user
  • Impersonate as a specific user

Account: The account to be used for impersonation if “Impersonate as a specific user” if chosen.

Password: The password for the above account.

When calling the script parameters will look like this:

<Reset Password script> <Operation> <Encoding> <AdminUser> <AdminPass> <Instance name> <username> <Password>


  • Reset Password script is the script name from above
  • Operation is ResetPassword
  • Encoding is: None, Base64 or Custom (Chosen above)
  • AdminUser: is the admin username given above
  • AdminPass: is the password for the above account
  • Instance name is the name put into the Instance name field
  • Username is the username for the user who’s password we are setting
  • Password is the password

The output from the script must be in one of the following codes:

0; <TEXT> eg: 0; Password user johnd successfully set

2;<TEXT> eg: 2; The user johnd in not present In this system

3;<TEXT> eg: 3; Failed to set password for JOHD–system is unavailable

The output will be shown in the log for the connector. If the return code is 3 then FastPass will retry the operation with regards to the retry setting of the sync. server.

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Parameters & Operation

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