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For ensuring a successful integration with a system, some basic elements should be in place. First a method for interacting with the remote system user’s password. To determine if integration is possible please answer the questions below:

1. Integration Method
  • Is it possible to reset any user’s password using Command Line Execution, Web Service request, API or using access to Data storage? (There might be multiple possibilities, all should be mentioned)
  • If so, can the operation be executed locally on the MyPass server or from a remote server?
  • Is the password on the remote system encrypted? If so, is the encryption method or DLL accessible? Or will the provided integration method take care of the encryption?
2. Integration Options
  • Is there a Password Policy on the remote system as well as any special requirements?
  • (Optional) Can the user be locked? What is the rules for this? Should MyPass unlock the user when resetting the password?
  • (Optional) Is there a “User Must Change Password at next logon” flag in the system and should this be set?
  • Does the system require any upper/lower-case manipulation with the username or password?
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