Configuring MSSQL Stored Procedure For Connector

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The configuration of the MSSQL Stored Procedure might vary a little for different versions of MSSQL. The following describes how the configuration is completed in a MSSQL Server 2005 Express environment on a Windows 2003 Server.

Open the “Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio” and connect to as “SA” or any other administrator account (possibly also the newly created account).

Navigate to the “Stored Procedures” node under the master database.

Click on the “New Stored Procedure” from the context menu of the “Stored Procedure” node.

Paste the code found in the \FastPassCorp\FastPassGateway\bin\ConnectorMSSQL\FPC_PasswordReset_ForDatabaseUsers.sql file on the Password Manager Server and click on the “! Execute” button on the toolbar.

Expand the “Stored Procedures” node and select the “FPC_ResetPassword” node and select “Execute” on its context menu.

Fill in parameters and click “OK” to execute.

If successful, the result will be shown as this and the configured environment is now ready to be used by the Password Manager solution.

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Configuring MSSQL Stored Procedure For Connector

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