Create SAP User

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  1. This step is done from the SAP User Maintenance module, so you would therefor have to navigate your way back to the main screen.

2. Select “SU01 – Users” as shown below.

3. This will bring up the “User Maintenance: Initial Screen” interface.

4. Enter “PWRESET” in the “User” field and select the file icon on the left side of the icon panel or press F8.
This will bring you to the “Maintain User” screen.

5. Enter values according to your policies or simply as shown below.

6. Continue by selecting the “Logon data” tab.

7. Enter values as shown above and be sure to select “Dialog” as user type. Click the save icon or press CTRL+S to save the information. You will be returned to the “User Maintenance: Initial Screen”. From here you can close the window and return to the SAP main screen.

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Create SAP User

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