ServiceNow Implementation

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To configure the application to function correctly, the following steps needs to be implemented.

  • In ServiceNow, create a system OAuth token (where the & symbol should not be present in the Client Secret), otherwise MyPass IVM/FastPass IVC is not able to connect to ServiceNow. To achieve this, search for Application Registries in ServiceNow, create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients. Provide the name and a client secret to the implementation partner.
  • Create a user that MyPass IVM/FastPass IVC can use to import data into ServiceNow. This user should only have Web service access and have rights to modify tickets. It is also important to have the custom role, called: “x_fpas_fastpass_iv.ivcincident_user” assigned to the user.
  • A subcatergory needs to be added in ServiceNow that will be used for IVM/IVC interactions. By default, this is “Password Reset”, but other options includes “Login Problems”, “Password/Account Assistance”. If the item to react on in the subcategory list needs another wording than “Password Reset”. Any other option can be used, they just change the system property called IVCSubcategory to the same wording added to the subcategory choices.
  • The system property URL (IVCURL) needs to change so it is pointing to the customers MyPass IVM/FastPass IVC site.
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ServiceNow Implementation

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