ServiceNow Application Components

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The ServiceNow Certified Application that enables the integration consists of the following elements:

      • A set of application scripts that monitors for changes on the “Caller” and “Subcategory” fields of a ticket being created.
      • If the “Caller” is present and the subcategory is “Password Reset” (by default) then the ticket is saved and reopened.
      • Once automatically reopened, a windows is opened to MyPass IVM/FastPass IVC is activated. An application scripts are called “FastPass Link OnChange – Caller” and “FastPass Link OnChange – Subcategory” is used to achieve this.
      • From this point another application script monitors the ticket’s “State” parameter to look for any changes. If the ticket is closed and it is a “Password Reset” (default subcategory) ticket ServiceNow returns to the main Incident List. This iis achieved by the application script  “FastPass Redirect to List“.
      • There are two system properties, one called “IVCURL” (that hold a URL to the MyPass IVM/FastPass IVC site) and the other called “IVCSubcategory” (the name of the subcategory that will invoke the integration when selected) that just has a string.
      • A business rule called “IVC Data” that will hold the username from the ticket and the “URL” from the system property.
      • A UI page that contains contact information (as requirement of the ServiceNow certification process).
      • A staging table called “IVCIncident” that is used to stored imported data from MyPass IVM/FastPass IVC.
      • A table transform map called “FastPassIVC” to transfer the data to from the staging table to the incident table.

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    ServiceNow Application Components

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