MyPass Architecture

MyPass Password Manager Architecture MyPass Password Manager allows for easy integration into multiple Microsoft Active


Process There is only one configuration file for the MyPass Password Filter and is named

Uninstalling Password Filter

The MyPass Password Filter can be uninstalled from the Control Panel (similar to other Windows-based


The MyPass Password Filter is distributed in a single msi-file installer package for all supported

Uninstalling Windows Client

To uninstall the Password Manager Windows Client from a Windows Vista machine, you must be

Log Settings

This section describes how to change the settings for the different logs. This will affect

EEC Client

Customizing the ECC Client The Enrollment Enforcement Client supports the display of custom header image

Text Changes

Text changes The Organization might want to have the Launch Panel and Splash Screen messages

Launch Panel Login Component

Customizations is done directly in the PMWindowsClient.Config.xml config file. The file and images used for


In this section, you will be guided to customize different layouts (applies to Windows Client